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Music Helps Children Learn Language

Posted on 12-02-2016

Have you ever learned another language? Do you remember what it was like? It’s very humbling, isn’t it? You sound like a two-year-old or a preschooler all over again. Putting this new language to music might help you!

That’s what happens when children learn through music. They pick up the words and the sounds much better than rote memorization. Research by Parlakian and Lerner states,

“Like all the best learning experiences in early childhood, music activities simultaneously promote development in multiple domains. Singing a lullaby while rocking a baby stimulates early language development, promotes attachment, and supports an infant’s growing spatial awareness as the child experiences her body moving in space. Being intentional about integrating music into your program’s daily routines—thinking through, ‘What do I want the children to learn from this music experience?’—helps you design and choose activities to support specific developmental goals.”

Small children are still learning how to speak properly, so music can help engage all their mental faculties in ways that other things simply can’t. It engages their emotions, their rhythm, the timing, and the logical sequence of the notes, among many other things.

Is there a favorite song you have in mind? Perhaps syncing this up with their language acquisition can increase the rate of learning—and you and your child will have fun doing it!

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